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Welfare Weekend: 7 Cute Animals with a Mean Bite

Both for the welfare of the animal and our own safety, most of us know we shouldn’t approach a bear or wolf. When it comes to cute animals we see around home, while on vacation, or on the exotic pet market, however, we may be fooled by their cute appearance. Today’s guest author covers seven […]

Natural Aquariums – Wild-Type Mollies ©

Mollies and other Livebearers have been a staple in aquariums for many years.  They’re usually purchased in an aquarium store, catching the eye of fish-keepers with their rainbow of colors and fancy finnage.   Many fish-keepers are unaware that most of these retail Mollies are actually hybrids of several wild Molly species, selectively bred for elaborate […]

Go Wild in 2013! (With Free New Year Digi-Poster)

If we had to suggest just one pet care New Year Resolution, we’d recommend taking your pet’s diet into the wild.  Whether you have a dog, cat, horse, fish, rabbit, or other pet, all can benefit from their caregiver’s research into their wild diet.  Not only can we try to replicate it, but we can […]

Guest Post: The Kinkajou as an Exotic Pet

The natural care of exotic pets relies heavily on knowledge of their wild habitat, diet, etc.  Today, our guest, Maria Kruk, introduces us to an uncommon exotic pet, the Kinkajou.

Welfare Weekend: September is Rabies Awareness Month [Infographic]

A viral disease, Rabies can infect warm-blooded species resulting in acute brain inflammation and death.  We’re coming up to World Rabies Awareness Day on September 28th and September is Rabies Awareness Month. It’s all part of an awareness campaign to reinforce the message that rabies is a preventable disease, yet kills 55,000 people needlessly each […]

Wordless Wednesday: Endangered Aquarium Fish Skiffia Francesae

Welfare Weekend: Never Feed Wildlife

Humans love to tame wild creatures or ‘help’ them by providing food, but it can get the animal killed. Tempting animals with garbage and food stored outdoors can also lead to their death.

Welfare Weekend: You Are Mother Nature’s Guest ©

Would you come to my house, leave garbage all over the floor, contaminate my aquariums, burn the place down and kill my family? When we visit someone, most of us are on our best behavior.  We’re helpful, neat and careful with their things.  When we go out into the wild hiking or camping, we’re visiting […]

What to do if you Find a Wild Baby Animal ©

The wild is full of newborns and baby animals who are now big enough to wander around. Finding a baby alone can bring out every protective instinct an animal lover has, but please don’t rush to the rescue.  The vast majority haven’t been abandoned and you don’t want to come between a Mama and her […]

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